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Table Talkers was created out of a need to do more than EAT when I shared a meal with the most important people in my life, my family.

The other night (like so many others), I sat down to a table of delicious food with my wonderful husband and two sweet boys and... no one really had much to say
After a long day of work, activities, housework and life, we were all exhausted. I realized at that moment that just eating together wasn't enough. I wanted those special--and fleeting-- times together to last longer than just a few short minutes. I wanted to know that we were sitting down to future memories.
In a moment of inspiration, I blurted out, "Why don't we play a game?" We started off with the very first Table Talkers game I listed in the eBook, later named "Family ABCs."
We laughed and talked about many wonderful things that night. You know what? We've played a game (at my four year-old's request and our pleasure) with every dinner since. 
After many successful "game" dinners, I was inspired to write our games down. Now I am sharing this fun, wonderful discovery that has been weaved into the thread of our home. I hope you will enjoy Table Talkers as much as we have.

  • a PDF eBook with 52 creative, simple and FUN activities that you can start using right away. No game pieces or special planning required.
  • 52 convenient, printable cards for use at the dinner table (even in restaurants).
  • Table Talkers are organized by learning skills so you know that while you're giggling through supper, your kids are also practicing language, math, science, geography, social and creative skills.

Table Talkers are recommended for preschoolers through adults.

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What Other Parents Are Saying:

We have three girls. Our oldest is four, the next is 18 months, and the youngest is 3 months. I'm so mentally drained from the chatter of my four year old all day long :) that by dinner time, I just can't think any more! What a great way to still have fun conversations, even if I can't come up with it myself! 

I just want to say how well our first night went with family ABC’s. My kids loved it. We laughed, talked, and shared memories. Usually I can’t think of much more than how was your day and what do you want to do this weekend. I know we need laughter but can’t think of anything funny to say. Thank you for the great ideas. I really appreciate them!

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Please note-- Even though I'm not currently adding new posts to my blog, I do send out ordered e-books daily. Please allow 24 hours. Make sure to check your spam folder and that your PayPal email address is accurate.