Saturday, November 19, 2011

I'm Thankful.

I am the world's worst at getting my boys' handprints. They're not in daycare (those teachers are so GOOD at documenting handprints, aren't they?) and I just never think to do it.

After seeing this on Pinterest, I recognize that I do need to be better about getting those precious fingers in ink every once in a while.

The truth is, thinking of my boys growing up makes me sad. I'm just not one of those mommies who can't wait until the next stage. I'm nostalgic. I cling to every stage and beg it to last forever. I guess that doing fingerprint crafts scares me a little. It's silly, I know, but I feel like one day I'll look back at these little turkey and tree paintings and I'm not so sure I'll swell with joy. I'm pretty sure I'll be reaching for a Kleenex.


So, why do them? Because, if the Lord blesses my little men with time and years, they will grow up. It's good. And if I don't have anything tangible around to remind me of when they needed Mommy's strong, sure hand in their much smaller one, I'll regret it.


Don't misunderstand, making the pillow together was a memory that I'll look back on fondly. We had fun and laughed together and talked about color and art. I praised my four-year-old for stifling his giggles when I painted his hand to keep it steady. I was shocked at how the one-year-old was able to slowly place his hand on the fabric without wiggling his fingers into a blurry mess.


Right now, I love looking at my pillow every day.

But ten years from now? We'll see how it goes.


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