Tuesday, August 30, 2011

S'mores Bars






marshmallows and milk chocolate in a graham cracker cookie

I have made this recipe twice now and it is moving up the family favorites list pretty quickly.

I found the delicious recipe right here. 

Make them over the Labor Day weekend and hide the pan in the back of the pots and pans cabinet so your husband and children think they were all eaten up at the family barbecue.

Or, you know, whatever you want.


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Painted Foam Play Mat

Check out this amazing idea. Aesthetic Outburst transformed an ugly kids' foam puzzle mat into a chevron "rug."

Sarah.Wandering did the same in a lovely floral pattern.

I MUST try this in my kitchen!


Monday, August 29, 2011

Embroidered Geography Love Pillow

Here's a sweet love story...

Boy meets girl (who lives in China and is secretly practicing Christianity under strict communist laws against it).

Boy likes girl (even though he lives and preaches in Texas and they can't see each other face to face).

Boy falls in love with girl (through emails and phone calls).

Boy proposes to girl (and spends many, many months trying to work through the Chinese government to bring her to the United States so they can begin a life together).

Boy marries girl (finally!) and they live happily ever after.

True story! We know "Boy" through our church and were so thrilled to finally meet his lovely bride a few weeks ago. Doesn't that story just make your heart swell?


To honor their unique history, I made them this geography pillow as a wedding gift.


That's China on the left.


And Texas on the right. In real-life, Texas is no where close to being as big as China. Creative license.

It was a really fun little project! Want to make one for yourself or a gift (maybe with states or one state/country with a heart at the location of each city, connected by a dotted line)?

I love the idea of making one for long-distance grandparents, too!

1. Print a map of your location and cut it out.

2. In pencil, trace your design on your pillowcase or fabric (if you're sewing it together later). I used a zippered pillow cover that I had on hand.

3. Using two or three strands of embroidery floss, hand stitch over the penciled design. I used a simple back stitch (click here for a tutorial).

That's it! Isn't it sweet and personal?


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Friday, August 26, 2011

a few tidbits (facebook, ad rates)

I wanted to let you know that I restarted the Facebook page and you can become a liker if you like. I've been known to throw out some great finds and recipes your way via the fb. I have a doo-dad on my sidebar or you can click here.

Also, I am offering some very affordable ad rates for September. If you have a product, service, website, or Etsy store, then we just might be a great fit. Click here for details.



Picture Frame "Prayer List" Whiteboard

We've been letting our four-year-old say the dinner time prayers for a while now, and at first, they went something like this,

"Dear God,
Thank you for Mommy, Daddy, Brother, Mimi, PawPaw, Pop, Bee Bee, my aunts, my uncles, my cousins, my friends, my teachers (all listed by name, by the way), the forks, the knives, our dogs, the plates, our food..." 

and on and on and on.

But we loved it and let him thank God for everything--which is what we should all be doing more often anyway.

Well, one day the kid wised up and realized that the longer he prays, the longer he has to wait to eat.

So his prayers became more like this,

"Dear God,
Thank you for the food. Please help the sick. In Jesus' name, Amen."

After a few weeks of trying to teach him how to be more specific in prayers, Jeremy came up with a brilliant idea.

"Why don't we get something to write our prayer concerns on? Like a whiteboard, or something, so we all can remember to pray often and specifically for those who have needs."

So, I made my own picture frame whiteboard that I'd been seeing all over the place.


I'm sure you've seen them, too. I just really like how this one is specific for our family's prayer list.


I embroidered a little bunting and hot-glued it across the glass in the frame. I also used some cute lined paper that I had on hand for behind the glass.

You know what?

It helps!

I find myself praying more often for those we needed to pray for anyway.

Like, um, myself...


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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thursday's Theme: Pom Poms

I am a huge lover of pom poms. Is that weird to say? 

In fact, I've been known to whip up a few pommy projects myself, like my Pom Pom Baby Mobile and my Christmas Wreath.

Check out these creative ideas that are now on my crafting wish list.

 Don't forget to enter the Halloween Traditions contest I have going on here and the My Memories giveaway going on here!


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Giveaway Time with My Memories Digital Scrapbooking Software ($40 Prize)


This happens to me every year.

January One rolls around and I have lofty dreams about what a fantastic, organized memory-writer-downer I will be.

This year was no different. Around the first (when 2011 was more "will be" than "has been"), I collected these really beautiful journals and had every intention of filling them up with handwritten memories and sweet little clipped photos. I even blogged about that right here.

I did write some stuff in them, I did. But, honestly, it's not that much. I haven't really even printed pictures this year (bowing my head in shame).

It's all good. I've learned (and accepted) something about myself. I enjoy writing (hence, the blog) but I don't like journaling... at least with a pen and paper (even though I still do write some things down in my boys' books).

And scrapbooking... while I always appreciate the look of a big, handmade book and all of the pretties and love that go into them, it's not for me.


Digital Scrapbooking! I realize that I'm a little late to 2003 here, but I truly had never done it before. So hooked! Wow! What a great invention.

The software that I use is from My Memories and I've already created a memory book for the whole summer that I will be sending off to be printed this week. Who's a super-memory-saver-mommy, now? Me!

Do you want to see some of those cute pages? Okie dokie.

In Between Laundry-005

In Between Laundry-006

In Between Laundry-009

In Between Laundry-013

The My Memories digital scrapbooking software comes with TONS of embellishments, shapes, "papers" and tools to create whatever you can think up. It's easy (and I only do easy) and fun (and I only do fun, too, by the way)! 

I was super excited to see that all of my fonts from my own computer were right there on the program when it started.

Plus, you're not limited to making a book. I can't wait to try out greeting cards, invitations and calendars.

So. Are you ready for a really fun giveaway that you'll love?

My Memories is giving away the Digital Scrapbooking Software to one of you luckies! 
(a $40 value)

To enter:
1. Visit MyMemories.com and leave a comment here, telling me what your favorite digital paper pack is. (One entry)
2. Visit the My Memories Blog and become a follower, then leave a comment here. (one entry)
3. Like them on Facebook or Twitter and leave a comment here afterward. (one entry each)

And just for my sweet readers...

Here is a promo code for $10 off 
any purchase, any time!

The giveaway is now closed, but you can use the coupon code at any time. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Halloween Traditions Contest-- Enter Today!

I'm on the hunt for a few 
TERRIFIC Halloween traditions 
to feature in an upcoming publication.

If your entry is selected to be featured, you will receive full credit for your entry and a FREE copy of the publication.

You will also be featured on In Between Laundry when the publication launches with a direct link to your website.
Note that you do NOT have to have a website to enter, but if you do, your website must be family-friendly.

Please submit...
Halloween traditions, memories, ideas, projects, and games that your family has loved.

Deadline for submission is 
Friday, September 16, 2011 at 11:59 pm central.

Good luck! 
I absolutely cannot wait to see how 
your family makes Halloween special!

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