Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Giveaway Time with My Memories Digital Scrapbooking Software ($40 Prize)


This happens to me every year.

January One rolls around and I have lofty dreams about what a fantastic, organized memory-writer-downer I will be.

This year was no different. Around the first (when 2011 was more "will be" than "has been"), I collected these really beautiful journals and had every intention of filling them up with handwritten memories and sweet little clipped photos. I even blogged about that right here.

I did write some stuff in them, I did. But, honestly, it's not that much. I haven't really even printed pictures this year (bowing my head in shame).

It's all good. I've learned (and accepted) something about myself. I enjoy writing (hence, the blog) but I don't like journaling... at least with a pen and paper (even though I still do write some things down in my boys' books).

And scrapbooking... while I always appreciate the look of a big, handmade book and all of the pretties and love that go into them, it's not for me.


Digital Scrapbooking! I realize that I'm a little late to 2003 here, but I truly had never done it before. So hooked! Wow! What a great invention.

The software that I use is from My Memories and I've already created a memory book for the whole summer that I will be sending off to be printed this week. Who's a super-memory-saver-mommy, now? Me!

Do you want to see some of those cute pages? Okie dokie.

In Between Laundry-005

In Between Laundry-006

In Between Laundry-009

In Between Laundry-013

The My Memories digital scrapbooking software comes with TONS of embellishments, shapes, "papers" and tools to create whatever you can think up. It's easy (and I only do easy) and fun (and I only do fun, too, by the way)! 

I was super excited to see that all of my fonts from my own computer were right there on the program when it started.

Plus, you're not limited to making a book. I can't wait to try out greeting cards, invitations and calendars.

So. Are you ready for a really fun giveaway that you'll love?

My Memories is giving away the Digital Scrapbooking Software to one of you luckies! 
(a $40 value)

To enter:
1. Visit and leave a comment here, telling me what your favorite digital paper pack is. (One entry)
2. Visit the My Memories Blog and become a follower, then leave a comment here. (one entry)
3. Like them on Facebook or Twitter and leave a comment here afterward. (one entry each)

And just for my sweet readers...

Here is a promo code for $10 off 
any purchase, any time!

The giveaway is now closed, but you can use the coupon code at any time. 


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