Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Table Talkers Spring Sale (Only $2.99)

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Here are what other moms are saying about Table Talkers...

We have three girls. Our oldest is four, the next is 18 months, and the youngest is 3 months. I'm so mentally drained from the chatter of my four year old all day long :) that by dinner time, I just can't think any more! What a great way to still have fun conversations, even if I can't come up with it myself! --Ardelle

I bought your book several weeks ago and tonight was the first time I put it to use.  We are a military family and my husband is gone right now.  After a day of tending to my four children (ages 3 months to 7 years), the day seems to unravel at the dinner table.  Tonight we actually laughed and smiled and I didn't need to threaten anyone:).  You book is beautiful and a blessing.  Thank you. --Sarah 

I must tell you that we tried the one about giving clues for movies as a trial before I bought them. I have three girls 2, 5, 8 and they are always in a hurry to eat and leave the table. After introducing the game, I had to kick everyone out of the dining room after 40 minutes!!! It was so much fun. The next night we ate dinner at McDonalds because they do a fun Valentine's Day dinner and our high school show choir sings; the place was packed, standing room only, and the girls wanted to play a Table Talker game!!!! Tonight as we headed to the table, they wanted to know what game we were going to play. Thanks so much!! --Kelli

Table Talkers Spring Sale
$2.99 (was $5.00)


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