Monday, September 27, 2010

Tutorial: Switch-A-Roo Shoes (Part 1)

Have you seen those switchable flip-flops? The decorations (bows, flowers, ribbon) on top can be changed out to match your outfit because it's attached with Velcro.

And I do love me a flip flop.

But with Labor Day having come and gone, I will say that I try to wear sandals less (not that I'm a stickler for that kind of thing).

Cooler weather = more closed-toe shoes = I don't have to paint my toenails as much. Or at all. Let the chips fall where they may.

I do love me a good pun, too.  And grammar.

So I came up with a variation for fall:

Switch-A-Roo Slippers

I love them so.

I may not to be able to afford a new pair of shoes for every outfit, but I can totally have a one-of-kind accessory for every pair of slippers.

And so can you...

1. Start with a simple pair of slippers.

2. Remove any existing embellishments.

3. You'll need Velcro; I used the sticky-back discs, but if you wanted to stitch the Velcro to the shoe (which I will probably do next time), then I would go with the non-adhesive kind.

4. Design your new accessories by asking your husband to watch the children while you root through the craft section at Wal-Mart. Or use what you have.

I picked these out of the jewelry-making aisle. They have a mother-of-pearl sheen to them that spoke to me. Are they kind of art deco? I'm not sure.

5. Attach the fuzzy dots to the embellishments and the coarser dots to the shoes. Or vice versa. It makes me no mind.

I opted to hot glue my Velcro to the shoes for extra reinforcement. As I mentioned earlier, next time I'll buy the non-adhesive dots and hand-sew them on.

Attach the other set of dots to your embellishment. There has to be another word for embellishment. Decoration? Goodie? I'll have to have a think on it.

Did you know I once taught English Language Arts to school children?

How cute would these be with some gray cords, a white cable knit sweater and a burberry plaid scarf?

Part 2
Part 3

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