Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Stuff I Love: Bale and Twine {Store for Handcrafted Goods}

I'm always a fan of products created by hand-- there's something so authentic and genuine about knowing that what you're using has been lovingly and carefully made by a person with a story, a family, a life.

That's why I've been so impressed with Bale and Twine

Suzanne, the owner, beautifully constructs soaps, soy candles, jewelry and seasonal products, and she features other talented artists, too.

The coolest part is that Bale and Twine selects a different charity every month to donate a percentage of their sales. You can read more about that here.

So, you can imagine how excited I was to receive a package of goodies from Suzanne!

Here's what she sent me and I love, love them both.

1. a FANTASTIC soap, Orange Ripple with Shea Butter

which I had to force myself not to eat. That's how good it smells, girls.

Orange Ripple is like an orange dream bar in my opinion, but better. It is blended with shredded loofah and shea butter so it's a nice exfoliater yet provides plenty of moisture.

My bar is almost gone, by the way. I've seriously used it every day.

2. a pure silver "E" mini-pendant, hand rolled and stamped with a vintage letter stamp from Japanese silver clay

This unique jewelry is adorably petite and dainty, perfect on a small ribbon or chain as a necklace.

I think it would make the sweetest baby or child gift on a little bracelet.

Definitely get to know Suzanne-- who is so nice-- and her great company, Bale and Twine.


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  1. She sounds like a very talented lady with a wonderful company! Thanks for sharing, Erin!


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