Friday, September 24, 2010

Baby Snuggler

In January of 2007, I was huge and pregnant and could barely move and a friend gave me a baby shower present. It was a long striped sock, knotted at the end, and filled with rice. She included directions that said something like:

Microwave for 1 minute and contour around baby's side.

I'm not too proud to admit that I then knew nothing of the sleep deprivation we would soon be suffering and I tossed that sucker aside to ooh and aah over blue gingham Sunday suits with matching hats and booties.

Our baby arrived and I relished our evenings. We'd rock and sing lullabies and snuggle and he would look up at me and say "Goo." Sweet baby. Then I'd kiss his cherub cheeks and gladly hold him for hours after he drifted to sleep before placing him in his bed.

Well, it didn't take long for our little sugar baby to wrap me around his finger.

He wanted to be held. Period. The minute I put him in the crib, those beautiful brown eyes popped wide open and he would scream. Oh how he'd scream. Nothing but mama's arms would do.

After weeks of this and at our wit's end, I remembered The Sock. We tried it--desperate for anything--it worked and the angels sang. I sang. We all sang (but at a whisper because if anyone woke up that baby, there would be pain involved.

Let me tell you, that thing became our best friend.

When Number 2 arrived this past summer, we were ready. And The Sock didn't let us down.

I would never complain about that perfect invention... it's just that, well, the color. It happened to be a rather feminine blend of hot pink and lavender. Not so manly for our boys.

So today I decided that we were ready. It was time to provide an alternative to the beautiful and functional, though ladylike, Sock.

And here's the simple-dee-dimple creation I whipped out in all of 10 minutes. Why hadn't I done it sooner?

I have affectionately named this The Baby Snuggler.

My baby likes it. I smile.

I repurposed a flannel blanket by cutting a piece that measured 12" x 36". 

Fold it in half lengthwise, right sides together. 

Stitch the long side and one short end together, leaving one end open for filling. 

Fill with rice. You'll need a lot. I bought a 5 pound bag and used nearly all of it. Don't fill the bag too full, though, because you'll want it to be soft, not tight, and bendable. 

It has to fit into the microwave after all. 

Tuck the open end under and stitch shut.

Wouldn't this and a matching blanket make a great baby gift? Be sure to include a note that more thoroughly explains that this is not just a rice bag. It's almost heaven-sent.


  1. How awesome! I wish I had known about this wonderful invention! :)

  2. Great idea as a gift! When baby is done with it mommy can use it for her sore shoulders, back, or whatever!

  3. Great idea, Erica! I think it would make a perfect heat pad for achy muscles!

  4. What kind of rice do you use?


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