Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tutorial: Switch-A-Roo Shoes (Part 3)

I'm jazzing up a simple pair of slippers with interchangeable embellishments.

Say that three times fast!

If you missed Part 1 and Part 2, check those out for other fun ideas and a detailed explanation on prepping your shoes.

This time I decided to go with something a little eclectic.

1. The bottom layer is a simple loop of ribbon (my ribbon was 6" long). Naturally, I picked an animal print. Tack it in place down the center with a needle and thread.

2. To make the second layer, use a wired ribbon (mine was 9" long) and fold it in half. Use the fold to gauge where the middle is and create your center pleat.

3. Then fold two more pleats on either side.

4. With your needle and thread, tack the layers in place, being careful not to go through your top layer.

5. Stitch the two different ribbons to each other.

6. Hot glue a decorative button to the top.

7. Finally, attach your Velcro to the back and you're done!

One pair of plain mass-produced shoes became three totally unique and one-of-kind pairs of slippers!

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