Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tutorial: Warm Winter Scarf for The Little

kid fleece scarf

Materials for a Preschool-Size Scarf:
7" x 35" piece of fleece (bottom layer)
5-1/2" x 35" piece of fleece (top layer)
35" piece of 1-1/2" ribbon
35" piece of 3/4" ribbon
5 buttons
thread for machine sewing
needle and thread for hand-sewing the buttons in place

fleece scarf for kids

1. Place the fleece pieces together, then lay the 1-1/2" ribbon on top, down the middle. 
2. Pin in place.

TIP: Use a lighter to seal the edges of your ribbons first so they will never fray.

fleece scarf

3. Stitch very closely along both edges using your sewing machine.
4. Pin the smaller ribbon on top and stitch along both sides, very close to the edges.

winter scarf for kids

5. Hand stitch your buttons along the top of the ribbons.
6. Cut slits in the top layer of fleece that are about 1-1/4" in width.

homemade fleece scarf for kids


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