Monday, January 17, 2011

A Simple Ribbon-Wreath

#1. Our date night was SO FUN!

I needed that night out (and thank you for the sweet comments and emails)!

Have you seen True Grit yet? (Probably so. I'm usually the last person to see a movie lately.)

We loved it!

#2. This is the cutest and easiest little heart wreath.

I bent a wire hanger into a heart shape and tied ribbons and bits of fabric all around, squishing them really tightly together to make it fluffy.

I had everything at home, too, which made it

FREE (my favorite word)!



The Girl Creative


  1. I love the wreath too, Erin! That is a perfect spot for it! I'm glad you had fun on your date night too! We have not seen that movie, so you aren't the last ones. : ) Our high school ministry watched our kids that same night and we went on a triple date with some friends to go get teppan grill and sushi. It was a much needed night out. Thanks for sharing your sweet heart wreath--lovely!

  2. This wreath is SO cute and so easy!! :) Love it!

  3. I made one of those coupon books for my husband for Christmas (with a few changes) and we went and saw True Grit as well! I love westerns! The original with John Wayne is pretty good too!

  4. Sooo cute! Love creating with things I have around the house!

  5. your ribbon wreath is so cute! I love it.


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