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Guest Tutorial: Taggie Blankies with "Mom's the Word"

I am thrilled to introduce you to beautiful 
Melissa from Moms The Word

I'm loving these homemade pizzas she whipped up,

Make sure you stop over at Moms The Word and see what else Melissa has been up to.

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I am so thrilled to be guest hosting at In Between Laundry! Thank you, Erin! 
This is my first time guest blogging. Woop Woop!

Taggy Tag-Alongs

These blankets are a quick and easy project that your kids will love! They can be customized and
make great baby shower gifts!

-1 minkee fat quarter
-Ribbon (I like to get all different textures and colors. Its best if you have about a yard or 1/2 yard of each. The ribbon doesn't even need to match or be color coordinated. You can just use whatever you have laying around. I've even used pieces of rick rack or bias tape.
-matching thread

1. First take your fat quarter and fold it in half the tall way (or hamburger style). Cut on the fold. Hold down your fabric, the minkee tends to shift quite a bit. When you are done you should have two

2. Take your two pieces and lay them right sides together. You should be looking at the non-fuzzy side of your fabric.

3. Next, take your ribbon and fold it over your finger. This should give you an idea of how big your loops should be. Go ahead and cut your ribbon. I recommend pulling the wire out of the ribbon that is wired. These blankets get a lot of use and I don't want any babies getting scratched by the wires! You can have all different lengths and textures. My kids have a thing about textures, so I pick
satin, and some fuzzy etc.

(Chipped nails... gotta love em')

4. Once you have it cut, place your ribbon loop on the INSIDE of your fabric. Lay the two pieces together and pin it down. Continue this on all sides.

5. Now it's time to sew! If you're not a super seamstress, dont worry! If you can sew in a semi-straight line, then you can do this! Sew along all sides, leaving 1/4 inch seam. Make sure you leave a 4-inch opening so you can turn it inside-out.

6. Once its sewn all the way around, turn it inside-out. It should look like this one. Cute, right?

7. Fold in the 4-inch opening and pin it down. Now do an outer stitch all the way around ( I always start at the opening). That helps keeps the fabric together and prevents bunching.

Aaaannnddd you're done!! You can do the happy dance now!

This is a pic of my sweet daughter and her taggy. 

 I have to hide them from her when I sew because she can't keep her paws off! 

Come check out Moms The Word to hear about adventures and misadventures of a stay-at-home mom of two. It's always good for a laugh! :)

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  1. Oh, this is such a sweet and precious idea! My eldest loved the silky blankies, and my youngest loved knits and things he could get his fingers through. This is the best of both worlds! : )

  2. I think ALL kids love these little blankeys. Way to go Melissa!!


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