Friday, March 4, 2011

Preschooler's Responsibilities Chart and my 100th post

My 4-year-old takes his "jobs" very seriously.

When he wakes up in the morning, he likes to say things like,

"I'm ready to go to work now." and

"Can I have an important job?"

Well, who am I to break that spirit?

Here's a little "job" chart I whipped up for him. Feel free to use it--right click on the image and save.

chore chart

In completely unrelated news, this is my 100th post! Yippee!

Thanks for coming by and spreading the word, you little sweeties.

100 high-fives to you!
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  1. Thanks for the chart- my little guy will love it! Congrats on the big 100!

  2. wait, it (flickr) says that I do not have permission to view/print this picture (the chart). Help!

  3. Yay on reaching 100 posts, Erin! Congratulations! I love that responsibility chart! We just started an allowance for Carter and Ry made an excel chart for Carter's chores--not nearly as cute. . .

  4. Great chart! I have been thinking about making one for my 2 year old but might wait till he's a little older. Congrats on your 100th post!

  5. and a high five right back atchya. I love that you wanted to encourage his helpful spirit! We need more helpers out in the world!

  6. Oh my, oh my. You nailed it on the head. These are Monsters chores to a T. The only other thing he has to do is help feed the dogs.

  7. get a video of your 4yr old saying that so that you can bust it out when he is a teen and your having to bribe him to do chores.

    thx for sharing the cute chart

  8. too cute! mine is almost four and this would be great for him!
    come see me

  9. Love it!!!! Great Idea!
    Found you on the link party!

  10. Thanks for the job chart. I printed it off for my 4 year old grandson.


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