Friday, April 22, 2011

Butterfly Cupcakes

spring Easter cupakes

Are you going to an Easter gathering this weekend? 

monarch butterfly decorate cupcakes party

I made these fun 3-D butterfly cupcakes for my mother-in-law's birthday in March, but I thought they'd be fun for any spring or summer party.

3-D butterfly cupckakes

I should start by saying that I am NOT a fan of cake decorating. 

I almost always order my kids' birthday cakes, unless we do something super-easy like these.

chocolate butterfly cupcakes

So forgive the messiness of these. They were really fun, though, and not difficult at all for a cake-novice like myself.

Here's how I decorated my butterfly cupcakes:

1. Melt a package of chocolate-flavored melting pieces and transfer to a plastic baggie with the corner snipped or piping bag.

2. On wax paper, pipe disconnected butterfly wings like the picture above. It would probably be helpful to trace your wings on a piece of paper and place under the wax paper for a uniform guide. (You'll notice that I also piped antennae, but didn't end up using them.)

3. Refrigerate. Meanwhile, melt a package of orange melting pieces (or use white with orange food coloring-- I used the gel for a rich color). Transfer to a plastic baggie or piping bag.

4. Fill in the middles of your wings with the melted orange candy.

5. Refrigerate. Meanwhile, pipe frosting on your cupcakes.

6. After the wings are chilled, pipe white dots on top. Then, push the wings into the frosting at 45 degree angles, creating the "body" of the butterfly with the frosting in between the wings.

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