Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Thursday's Theme {Pallet Projects}

I hope you are all having a wonderful week.

Over here at Casa De Laundry, we have somewhere between 11 and 32 unfinished projects going on at any one time.

In fact, if you were to drop in unexpectedly (we'd put you to work) you'd surely see bits of fabric lying on the armchair I want to recover, a half-painted fireplace, four new stacks of fabric that need to be cut and stitched into something summery, empty frames that should be hung in the boys' rooms, and I won't even start on the DIY bathroom projects.

Do you feel like that sometimes?

Like you're just lucky to get a load of clothes washed and
keep the house un-gross and
read a couple of books to the kids and
fix something to eat for supper before it's time to go to bed and get started again tomorrow?

In honor of all those projects we all have, here are a couple of cool ones I found for using pallets.

I may just have to make some time in my day to tackle one of these (especially that play house).


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  1. I totally feel you on all the half-finished projects! I think it comes with the territory when you have a young kiddo! As for the pallet ideas you posted ... can I just say I want that swing NOW?!


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