Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Thursday's Theme {Sweets}

As if I even need a reason for wanting to make a cake, but I'll come up with one anyway. We are having company this weekend. A great friend from college that we haven't seen in years is visiting for a few days!

Can I show you the cake that I'm already obsessing about? Oh. You're gorgeous.

Please don't tell my bathroom scale; we have this handshake arrangement.

I don't step on her very often and when I do, I tell her it's just the steam from the shower that's affecting the number.

I also leave out the cake part.

Here are a few other yummies I've been ogling. Hey, ogling is completely calorie-free.

Monster Cake from Ohdeedoh
How very cute is this? And so doable.

Wouldn't this be great for summer?

Yep. I'm in.

Mmm. Coconut cream pie is a favorite. I love this take on a classic.

one cake, but tons of variations.

Oh my mercy. Jeremy has asked for this for his birthday. 
The boy has a sweeter tooth than me, if you can believe that.

Just beautiful. Wait until you see the inside.

The chocolate quasi-melts the frozen fruit, creating a fabulous texture (and taste).



  1. Oohh these are all so yummy looking. Is there recipes or a link to see it ? My mouth is drooling mmhh mmhh good !

  2. Oh delicious, so much variety & talk about eye candy. I feel heavier just looking at them, the first Oreo cake is a bit of a show stopper. Love Posie

  3. So checking out that oreo cake. Thanks.

  4. Sorry for drooling on your page...everything looks scrumptious!

  5. Thanks for adding my S'More cake to the roundup. So many other delicious sweets on here that I need to try too!


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