Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Packing List

We get out of the house a lot. And I don't just mean that in a non-sheltered sort of way.

My husband frequently travels for business and we love to go along for the ride. Besides work, we really like poking around new places. Familiar places, too.

Pre-parenthood, we'd throw some stuff in the car and leave town for the weekend on a whim. No biggie. 20 minutes to throw things into a suitcase and we were out the door.

But with two kiddos, that type of spontaneity is limited. It's not the kids themselves--they're easy--it's their stuff. The bedding and snacks and diapers and stroller and car activities and extra outfits if they have an accident. It all takes so much more thought now.

Last-minute travel planning is a thing of the past in this house... at least for now. I fought off the structure as long as I could, man.

Here's my new, organized and responsible packing list. Cute cars included.


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  1. Sounds fun to travel so much! I can never leave the house quickly!


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