Tuesday, September 20, 2011

September Rerun: No-Sew Davy Crocket Costume

I thought I would re-post some of my favorite early posts (from back when no one was reading them) in honor of my one year blogiversary this month. I just can't believe a year has already flown by and my three-year-old is four now. He is my sweet boy.

"King of the wild frontier."

I have a nursing infant, a house to pack because we're moving in two weeks, a house to finish remodeling  because we're moving in two weeks, approximately thirty-seven unwashed or unfolded loads of laundry on any given day, a husband and small child who enjoy eating regularly and, oh yeah, Halloween is this month!

Think. Think. Think.

We happen to have a coonskin cap that I picked up at Bass Pro Shop a while back.

Hmm. I can work with that.

After a fast trip to Wal-Mart at midnight last night where I picked up a tan turtleneck, khaki pants and a little over 3 yards of leather-like fringe, and armed with my never-fail glue gun, my boy is Davy Crockett.

No sewing required.

By the way, have you ever tried to hunt down a Wal-Mart employee to cut fabric for you at midnight?

After getting that accomplished, nothing is beyond my reach!

Watch out, bears, he's comin' for ya!

To turn the turtleneck into a collared shirt, make a cut down the front center to the seam and open it up.

Easy-peasy and done!

Now, what to do for the baby?


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  1. What a great homemade costume! And soo creative to think of cutting the turtle-neck!


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