Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pink Sunday Sugar Scrubs (For Breast Cancer Awareness Month)

For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I'm throwing a big, ole hootenanny (thank you, Google spell check).


That's exactly what the invitations say.


Actually, it's going to be a very nice come-and-go Open House with shopping and visiting and eating little foods. I'm calling it Pink Sunday and I'm expecting it to be very cute and girly-- adjectives I cling to and bear hug whenever I get the chance (one lady + three boys = my house).


Along with several vendors, I'll have a table set up with some of my own goodies to sell. My scrubbies will make an appearance. All of these recipes came from my eBook, A Year of Sugar Scrubs.


Unrelated tidbit: I cleaned house ALL DAY LONG on Monday, thinking, "I'm so smart! I spic and spanned everything a week before and now we'll just MAINTAIN until Sunday..." Nope. Not happening. Should've waited.


In other unrelated news, I'm up for some food suggestions. I need yummy (most important) and easy (closely following in importance), does not require much prep before serving (assembly night before and reheating for the party is fine) and easily eaten without a fork.

Ideas? I know, I know, check Pinterest.


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