Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tutorial: Fabric Flower Broach (For Breast Cancer Awareness Month)

Autumn. Schmautumn. That's what I say.


I'm a bit enthusiastic regarding fabric and felt flowers lately, even if it is October and not April. I'm using Breast Cancer Awareness Month (which I'm celebrating in crafts all week) as an excuse to keep my pinks out for a while longer.

Want one for yourself or for a homemade Christmas present? Of course you do. It's no-sew, after all! 

Let's get out those fabric bits and make something adorably one-of-a-kind.

1. Cut a felt circle for the bottom and two green felt leaves. Hot glue together.
2. Use pinking shears to cut five circles of the same size out of fabric. Hot glue one circle on top of the felt. 
3. Fold the remaining four circles in half and then in half again and hot glue.
4. Hot glue each quartered circle as the top layer to your flower.

5. Cut a piece of flannel into a strip (about 1" x 10") with pinking shears. 
6. Make pleats with hot glue every inch or so.
7. Hot glue each end together, forming a circle.
8. Hot glue the middles of the top and bottom and sides together.

9. Glue this piece on top of the flower.
10. Add two layers of felt circles and a rhinestone.

Attach a safety pin to the back and fasten to a jacket or shirt. Or belt. Or headband. Or purse. Or your shoe. Or a hat. 

Did I mention how much I'm liking these flowers?

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