Friday, December 16, 2011

Gingerbread Play Dough Stocking Stuffers

I ran across a wonderful gingerbread play dough recipe the other day that I think is the best! It smells so, so good. I was raving about it on facebook last week.


My four year old loves to help in the kitchen so I let him mix the ingredients. When it was time to put the pot over the stove, I took over. In just a couple of minutes, we were ready to play!


I didn't get photos of our playtime, but we pulled out the rolling pin and cookie cutters. I held the baby in my lap and Big Boy worked solo. That was the best hour! Do you make your own play dough? I actually prefer it to store bought because it is less sticky and smells so good-- plus, I know exactly what goes into it.


My oldest wanted to give some of our play dough to his little friends for Christmas, so we made a batch and divided it into baby food jars. One recipe filled five small jars for us. Then I cut circles out of cheery red and white fabric and tied a bright green grosgrain ribbon around the lid. For the cards, I used scrapbook paper and Santa stickers. 

Now... what to do with the other 737 glass baby food jars I kept for crafts? 

The recipe was found at The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle via Pinterest.


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