Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Our Texas Wildflowers

{reckless abandon}


{pure joy}


{laughter and memories}


{Every time I step outside this time of year, our primroses, Indian paintbrush, bluebonnets and Indian blankets remind me how great our God is.}



  1. We always called these flowers Buttercups! Anytime I see these I think of my friend we conned into eating one when we were 4! hehe

    Aren't the flowers just beautiful!? :)

  2. Beautiful pictures! My favorite thing about Spring is that, after a long winter indoors, we get a mixed bag of indoor rainy days, days AFTER rainy days which are full of fun puddles, and gorgeous sunny days! It makes every day a new adventure for my little boys.

  3. I feel their joy, what a beautiful post. I enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog. Hugs!

  4. Beautiful flowers, Erin! What a great picture of you and the boys too! I love spring because of all the flowers too. We have Golden Poppies near us that I need to go photograph. I keep meaning to go do that. I also love the ending of flu season and the beginning of beach/pool and park days with family and friends!

  5. Wish we had fields like that around here! My son and I just ran around the field across the street. It was muddy and the grass was dead... and then it started to snow a little. UG! Thanks for the cherry photos. My favorite thing about spring is when it finally decides to show up!!

  6. So pretty! My hubby has family in Georgetown, TX, I'm hoping to move to the area some day, but I have never seen wild flowers like this! I happen to always be in Texas around the holidays, so no pretty flowers for me! I'm determined to go to Texas in the warm months this year!!

  7. Beautiful pictures and love those wildflowers! I think I like the pink ones better than the bluebonnets but while I can find fields of bluebonnets all over, all the pink ones are on the highway around here. And I can't believe how green your grass is there - ours is no where near that green - it doesn't look very spring-ish without green grass but we haven't had rain lately!


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