Friday, November 11, 2011

Firecracker Bathroom Cabinet (Before and After)

Did you catch my bathroom makeover? It's kinda epic and it's right here.

I wanted to talk a little bit more about this Craigslist cabinet. 

It is solid wood and has lots of shelves (which I did not paint, by the way). The insides are just as we found them. What had to go was the shiny, shiny, could-see-yourself-in-the-reflection finish.

And the gold hardware and the broken railing on top.

Other than those things, what a find, huh!?

Craigslist + me = BFFEAA


This took several hours of late-night sanding (a lot of it by hand because I didn't want to buy a special tool for the grooves).

We removed the hardware and doors, then hit the hinges and pulls with my new favorite thing: spray paint for metal. I threw away the can, but it was Rustoleum in a hammered finish (bronze?).


I'm a believer. The metal really looks hammered.


Then, I painted it (with a brush)-- it took two coats-- with Firecracker by Valspar.

Committing to this hue really did take 45 minutes of standing in the paint aisle with two samples and deliberating over the pros and cons of subtle verses bold. I even handed the guy mixing the paint the other color then came back before he'd mixed it and switched at the last minute.

But you know what? It's only paint. If I had hated it, I could have painted it again. Not that I would have, but I COULD have.

Lucky for me, I really love it. It adds the warmth that the room needed.

And now I have plenty of storage for all of our towels and a laundry hamper on the bottom.

For the record, a month or so later, I'm still loving it.


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