Saturday, December 11, 2010

Kitchen Update and A Christmas Tradition

I woke up yesterday with a pep in my step. A smile on my face. A song in my heart.

It's true.

My new granite countertops were coming and by the end of the day, my kitchen would be one step closer to done. Not just done, but done in time for Christmas.


I just knew I'd be baking up some Christmas goodies while the children played at my feet and my husband merrily did the dishes. The timer would buzz and I'd pull warm sugar cookies from the oven and let them cool on those gorgeous counters.

A girl can dream, okay?

<<Check out how we redid the cabinets here and here.>>

Halfway through installation, however, the installers cracked one of the slabs.


Sigh. So we're back to waiting. A little longer.

I dont know... the dried Gorilla Glue backsplash might just work... and the plywood countertops... am I sensing a trend?


Someone call up "House Beautiful."


But no matter what kind of Ca–Ra-Zy state our home may be in...


making Christmastime special this year--and every year-- is very important to my husband and me.


One of my favorite traditions is letting my oldest son color a wooden ornament from the craft store.


Then I jot down a few of his "favorites" on the back.


Instead of hanging them on the tree--where they sort of get lost--



I wanted to showcase them in the front entryway where they serve as a visual reminder of what's really important.

We are very blessed to have two healthy boys who are growing and learning and changing quite quickly.

The kitchen can wait.


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  1. Love that tradition!!!

    Good luck with the kitchen!

  2. I love your kitchen, I just finished updating mine, and it is a lot of work. I totally wanted to do beadboard in the cabinents, just like that, but in the endd could not convince the husband what a great idea it was. Now I am totally jealous, looking at yours. Great job

  3. ugh, i am sure waiting stinks, but you are thisclose to finished! and i love the idea of jotting down the favorites, what a great idea! stopping over from stephanie lynn's.

  4. Oh, that is such a sweet idea! I love little timecapsules and I rarely remember to do them. This is a fab tradition. Even though your kitchen is in the middle of transition, at least you have hope that someday you WILL be making sugar cookies on a beautiful granite slab. Lucky, lucky girl! I followed your link from Iheartnaptime. Thanks for sharing!

  5. OMG! What a HUGE difference! Your cabinets look awesome! Good for you & your husband being inventive enough to come up with a budget (and landfill) saver like this! So far so good! I can't wait to see the finished product. This is a huge undertaking. And as for the Gorilla Glue back splash, swear to God I thought it was Travertine tile in the first pic!LOL! I'm about to try it for my own kitchen! Haha.

  6. We just did a white cabinet makeover with bead board as well (though not on the doors). Yours looks great!! I'm still waiting on my

  7. SOOOO cute! I love the ornament idea! I may have to start that next year! Thanks!

    Semalee @ Jello Doesn't Nail


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