Thursday, December 2, 2010

Painting Pottery with Kids' Hand- and Footprints

There is a great DIY pottery place near my small town and we were able to stop by this past weekend.


I wanted a platter for all of our yummy Christmas treats and Santa's cookies (and we CAN'T forget carrots for the reindeer!).


Most of all, I wanted proof of how BIG my baby's feet are. He can hardly wear shoes, that child. Yet, somehow, he makes room in his little mouth for them both... at the same time. My husband is so proud.



And this kid. He's three years old, three and a half, really.

The last time we painted pottery, he screamed and cried because he was only two and going through that horrible time they all go through.

You know the one.


But this time... I couldn't have asked for a sweeter, better behaved little guy.

He's growing up.

Only a mama would get teary over her kid NOT throwing a temper tantrum!


Anyway, we picked up our platter yesterday from the sweet little shop lady and I JUST LOVE IT!

And we made some really great memories that day...

which is what it's all about.

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  1. You just have the best ideas! Love the reindeer / tree combo. It's a keeper. x

  2. Hey, I looked at a picture of my grandson a year ago when he was 2 and started tearing up now that he's 3. He's such a little man now! No more baby gushies!

    Oh, and he's in a size 10 shoe now. Maybe my grandson & your son will meet on the basketball court someday, lol!

    almost forgot . . . the plate is to-die-for cute!

  3. That platter is so adorable! I'm bookmaking this for next year! Thanks for sharing.


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