Monday, December 20, 2010

A Year of Sugar Scrubs - 24 Original Recipes

I am now offering a beautiful brand-new eBook, A Year of Sugar Scrubs, 24 Original Recipes for Hand and Foot Scrubs. 

It is organized by month and is loaded with delicious (never before seen) scrub recipes, like Caramel Frappe, Pina Colada, S'mores and more! I've also designed printable gift cards that you can fill out for gift-giving. Each recipe can be easily whipped up in your kitchen with common ingredients. I know you'll love it!

sugar scrub book cover

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

My oldest son and I whipped up sugar scrubs for the kids' Bible class teachers (I measured, he poured and stirred). We had a lot of fun "cooking."


Those ladies dedicate so much time and creativity (and patience, ahem) every week.

I thought they deserved a little pampering.


I keep a jar in the shower and use about a tablespoon on my feet and hands every few days.



  1. Thanks for all your great ideas, Erin! I really appreciate them. x

  2. What great little gifts to make. Thanks for sharing!

  3. thank you thank you thank you for the idea!!! i just made 12 peppermint jars for my coworkers. LOVE the smell!!! have you ever had anyone say they turn green from it? LOL
    merry christmas.

  4. Do you think peppermint essential oil would work OK, too?

    This is an awesome idea with "ingredients" I already have on hand!

  5. This is such a great idea! I just found the link via Pinterest. I will definitely be making some of these for Christmas gifts this year! Thank you! I second the questions of how long the shelf life is, and if the green food coloring will stain?

  6. I'm not sure how long the shelf life it exactly, but sugar is a preservative so I think it would be fine for a long time (like honey). I actually kept mine in the shower for weeks and I used it all up before I had any kind of problem with it. You could definitely leave the food coloring out if you were concerned about staining. I only used 1 drop so it was just barely tinted. I didn't have any problems with mine.

  7. Also... keep a lid tightly on because it might attract ants if there's sugar on the bottle or the lid is not secure.

  8. these look absolutely scrumptious! they might just be the next project at my quarterly crafternoon!

  9. Silly question, but can you use the brown sugar/honey scrub on wet skin in the shower? Or does it work better on dry skin?

  10. Wow these look great and so simple. I think I might making these near christmas for presents!

    Thanks for posting these up!

  11. wonderful! ive been trying out sunflower oil but i can still smell it...thanks!!!

  12. do you use each of these are hand/foot scrub? or can they be used for different things?


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