Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Baby's Room: A Makeover Story, Part 1

AKA: How many TLC shows can I rip off in one blog title?

We're not completely finished in here yet, but I wanted to show the work we've done in the nursery.



bad wallpaper upon bad wallpaper upon bad wallpaper


I'm telling you, this is why we had kids.

Do you know how much fun he had riiiiiiiping away at that wallpaper?

It was better than any toy.

Making a little progress:


We retextured the walls and the ceiling, painted, changed out the fan (Do you like it? Just kidding.), and threw in a few pieces of furniture and some curtains.

It's much better, but not where I want it yet.

If you dig that pom pom mobile and my $12 change table redo (and if you want to see more child-labor pictures), click here and here.

If you want to learn how to retexture your own popcorn ceilings, you're a freak like us, but click here.

More to come,


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  1. Looking good, Erin! Taking wallpaper off walls is not easy work. Out here most homes are newer, but my sister managed to buy a home in Brea that was built in the 60's. It had a layer of wallpaper from each decade--so funny. It was a history lesson in what was fashionable. You are VERY brave for taking the popcorn off your ceilings. I have heard that is a "messy" project. : )

  2. How fun! We had a lot of wallpaper to strip when we moved into our house- and I was 9 months pregnant! Your nursery is really coming together!


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