Thursday, February 17, 2011

Easy, Personal Thank-You Notes


To create these personal thank-you post cards, I used a word processing program (Pages for Macs) and inserted a few pictures of my little boy enjoying his new birthday loot. Each card has pictures of him playing with the gift from that person.

We didn't have a huge party, so I only needed to make a couple.


(I'm a little bit of a privacy case you were wondering why it looks like a drunk wrote some of the words.)

Now the gift-giver (Granna, in this case) can see how much her gift was loved, even if she couldn't be here to see his eyes light up when he ripped into the package.


  1. I had a friend do this one year, and it was so creative and fun! I've also seen a picture with the presents ALL around the child in a big pile. I've also seen the parent take a picture of the guest in a costume at the party and the thank you had the guest's picture on it.
    I haven't used any of these ideas yet, but this is a fun idea. We are doing a photo "booth" at the carnival party in March, so maybe I can incorporate that.
    Erin, you are so great with all the word programs! That is not my strength. LOL. I wish you lived closer and could teach me . . .
    : )


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