Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Busy Tray

Yesterday was... hmmm...

My husband said it best when referring to our three-year old. 

"Either he gets a sedative, or I do."

Thus was born the Busy Tray. 

This is an idea that I'd been mentally tweaking for a few months, and yesterday, I made it.

I really wanted something that:

1. would work in the car or a waiting room
2. was magnetic
3. was a hard surface for writing and coloring
4. had a lip so crayons and pencils wouldn't fall to the floor
5. could be used for a snack tray if need be
6. was cheap and easy to make
7. was lightweight-- something my boy could carry himself

    I used an old baking sheet, spray painted it bright yellow (it took several coats), then mod-podged a piece of cute scrapbook paper to the inside.

    But, I also wanted to have the option of bringing along felt games, so...

    I added a detachable felt piece with Velcro. 

    Now he can use the bottom side for a writing surface if he wants, or he can play with some felt games that I made (more on that later).

    Plus, it won't be hot on his lap if it's left in the car.


    1. I'm forsure making this "busy tray"!!

    2. OMG, that's exactly what my boy needs! This is going on my project list. Can't wait to see what felt games you created!


    3. This post was selected as one of my great posts of the week. Here is the link to my post:

    4. Came over from jdaniel4s mom's post. GREAT idea! That turned out so cute and I love all of the options!

    5. Great idea with the felt attached to the back. I've been thinking of spray painting some old cookie sheets that I have. Did you sand it down at all first? Mine are looking pretty rough and I wasn't sure if they would need a quick sand first or maybe just lots of paint.

    6. I absolutely love this tray! My son would get hours and hours of play out of it! Definitely going to have to make him one! Thanks for sharing! I featured this on my friday favorites!


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