Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Teddy Bear Costume

He's a ferocious beast...


ready to pounce on his unsuspecting prey...


and completely overpower the weaker species with...


cuddles and drool.


Happy First Halloween, Baby Boy.

I could just eat you up.


PS: My mom did a beautiful job crocheting his little bear hat using and adjusting this free pattern found at SandyFrogLegs. That's a red felt heart I hand-stitched onto his onesie.


  1. Just darling! (the hat and your little one!)

  2. that 1st pic is so cute - made me lol. sweet baby boy.

  3. such cute photos! I have an 8-month old boy and I just love the fat cheekies and legs and all the slobbery kisses I get! BTW, I just found your blog today. I already forgot how (I have 3 kids who sucked the memory out of me). I'm pretty sure I started at the seven thirty three blog. I'm excited to see your cabinets done. We are doing our bathroom cabinets as a practice for the kitchen. Hope yours turn out fantastic!


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