Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Storm Shutters, Be Gone!


And after:

What a difference!

Not only were the old storm shutters unsightly, they made the inside of the house seem much smaller and darker.

But the biggest reason of all that we took them down: they are a major fire hazard.

We still have TONS of work to do, but taking those old dogs off gave our new home an instant face lift.

And, doesn't that wreath just say "home"?



  1. Gorgeous...love the trees out front and the crisp white trim!

  2. Okay, help an AZ girl out...where were the storm shutters in the original picture? I love the second one for sure...I'm looking at window shutters and they are lovely. The curb appeal is gorgeous!

  3. Okay, nevermind. I just zoomed in to see what you were talking about. You are right...big difference!


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