Monday, October 4, 2010

BOO magnetic frame

Over the weekend, I decided I wanted to display pictures of my family from Halloweens past.

We don't have a lot of shelf space for picture frames so I bought a vinyl magnetic photo frame and added a little froof.

Hey, I live in a house full of boys. I take my ruffles when I can get them.

Isn't it just stinkin' cute?!?

My sweet little sweetie was 1-1/2 this year and I dressed him as Elvis.

For the frame: I hot-glued ribbon and beads along the edges being careful to not glue the top shut. That's where the picture needs to go.

By the way, to make your ribbon ruffly, simply run it through the sewing machine on a long stitch. My ribbon ruffled automatically, but you may need to pull on it a little.

Then I started thinking...

Since I seem to be all about interchangeable things these days...

Why not make an interchangeable photo frame/candle holder?

I mentioned that I was short on flat surfaces for displaying things. This is a two-for-one and I am already thinking of the possibilities for other holidays.

Last, but not least, thanks for reading! I hit the 2,000-views-mark over the weekend! Wow! I hope you enjoy these quick and easy projects I come up with. I'm having fun with this little blog.


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