Monday, October 24, 2011

Tetris Halloween Costume from Duck Tape

I am the t-shirt transformation queen when Halloween rolls around every year. I've made Davy Crockett, some funny shirts for Jeremy and I to wear to pass out candy last year, and I even made my oldest an Elvis costume out of a black t-shirt and black pants when he was two. Maybe I'll dig up those photos and share them sometime.

Give me a glue gun and a Wal-Mart shirt and I can whip something up.

tetris costume t-shirt

My philosophy is, why start from scratch?

This was no exception and, if you follow on facebook, you probably recognize this picture below. I had a little contest going to see if anyone could guess what game we had picked for the theme party.


Some of you guessed Angry Birds, Candy Land, and Sorry! All of those would have been fun themes, but nothing beats how simple cutting squares of Duck tape was for Tetris.

I even sort of felt like I was playing Tetris as I lined everything up. Ha! 

These shirts took 10 minutes and if you want to make your own, I recommend using a square template to make sure every shape goes on straight.


My boys' costumes are completed, too, and as soon as I can get their pictures made, I'll share them with you. 

I guarantee you'll see a couple more tee shirt transformations!


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