Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Little Ghosties--No Sew Costumes

Our preschooler wanted to be a "Scary Ghost" this year for Halloween-- which, by the way, is the first year he's had any opinions on the matter. And where did he get the "scary" part anyway? 


My mom said to just put an old sheet over his head and cut holes, Charlie Brown style. I'm not really big on over-the-head costumes because of the whole suffocation thing. I'm an overprotective mother like that.


Besides, I wanted the boys to match this year and there is no way my baby was going to stay under a sheet for more than a second or two. I'd like to see us even try to make him. 


Furthermore, I don't have an old white sheet. We'd have to buy a new one just to cut holes in it. 
And the whole suffocation thing.


Since my official Halloween costume motto is "semi-homemade is good enough for us" I headed to Wal-Mart and grabbed two white tee shirts per boy (I'll explain) and black sweat pants, then picked up tulle and lightweight cotton fabric from Hobby Lobby.


For each costume, I ripped strips of the fabric and hot glued them around the collar of one of the shirts. Then I cut thicker strips of the tulle and bunched it at the end before gluing over the fabric. I wanted them to seem gauzy, scrappy and whimsical (not scary--don't tell the four year old).


For the hats, I used the extra tee shirt (in each boy's size), and cut the neck/collar out. This was the perfect base for each hat. I left about half an inch of tee shirt around the edge when I cut it out.


Then I cut the remaining tee shirt into strips and glued them around the band, on the non-stretchy 1/2" of fabric. That way the hat could still stretch.


I placed the rim on each boy's head and gathered the strips at the top and knotted.


A friend of mine said they looked a little bit like ghost robbers, but in a cute way. Ha!


I love the hats! I'm thinking about remembering this technique for winter caps--but using lots of overlapping strips so there are no holes.


For the mask, I used black felt and measured a sideways "8" shape. I put in over my boy's eyes to properly measure where the holes would need to be cut. Then I added a strap of elastic to the back.


These little guys enjoyed running in the front yard and looking at a favorite spooky story book.


Trick-or-treating is going to be a lot of fun this year, too!


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